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"Un Jardin En El Desierto"

(Text adapted from Coordinacion Estatal del Tunsmo, Goberno del Estado de Baja California Sur)

Ciudad Constitucion is located 92 miles southwest of Loreto and 125 miles north of La Paz in the heart of the agricultural valley of Santo Domingo. This farming center had its origin with the colonization of the valley in 1940. Families settled around a ranch called 'El Crucero', and the area quickly became a commercial center. It is now the second largest city in Baja California Sur.

Thanks to the great efforts of the Mexicans in using the deep wells for watering, the desert area now produces rich harvests of wheat, chickpea, cotton and citrus fruits.

Ciudad Constitucion has many visitor services, including hotels, restaurants, bars, discos, travel agencies, repair shops and shopping.

The town is near Magdalena Bay on the Pacific Ocean. Just west is San Carlos, a large commercial port. Hundreds of visitors enjoy viewing gray whales here from January to March. Visitors can enjoy many other sights, including the islands of Margarita and Magdalena with their white dunes, the bays of Magdalena and Santa Maria, the ducks' island with its colonies of migratory and resident birds, the estuary, the mangrove trees and the comings and goings of ships and cruisers in the harbor. San Carlos is an excellent option for the eco-tourist, offering a variety of tourist services: hotels, restaurants, bars and tours.

Puerto Adolfo Lopez Mateos, on the north side of Magdalena Bay, has a beautiful coast with long estuaries surrounded by mangrove trees It is home to thousands of migratory and local birds. Situated where the bay narrows, it is the ideal place to observe gray whales from shore. Offshore, the white sand dunes of Magdalena Island invite you. The area is visited by natural history students, artists, kayakers and sport fishermen. Enjoy the fresh seafood in the restaurants.

Amidst the oases, deserts and the sierras of the area are nestled beautiful towns like San Luis Gonzaga, founded as a mission in 1740 by Father Lambert Hostell. The German Jesuit Johan Jakob Baegert lived there for 17 years and returned to Europe to write the book 'News of the American Peninsula of California'. La Purisima and San Isidro are neighboring towns with vast palm groves and orchards. Beautiful towns such as La Poza del Cantil, and El Cerro del Pilon dot the countryside. The Comondus, San Miguel and San Jose are old towns founded by the Jesuits. They are settled in a deep valley high in the sierra, where time seems to be stopped between the polychromatic beauty of the gardens and orchards. There you will find the church of the mission of San Jose de Comondu, founded in 1708 by Jesuit Father Julian de Mayorga.

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