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"Un Paraiso Para Descansar Pescando"

(Text adapted from Coordinacion Estatal del Tunsmo, Goberno del Estado de Baja California Sur)

The East Cape stretches from Punta Pescadero to Punta Los Frailes along the famous Las Palmas Bay. The region was Rancho Buena Vista at one time. It is recognized internationally as one of the best all year-round areas for sport fishing and for its rich marine life. Ray Cannon wrote. "It has to do with a nearly perfect climate in a land of physical well-being. There are lofty mountains, varied landscapes, and long inviting stretches of shore."

The first owner of Rancho Buena Vista Lodge was Herb Tansey in the early 1960's. The small hotel offered a pleasant atmosphere created by Tansey and his local team. He taught them what to do, then let them run everything the way they liked. Very soon the hotel was to accommodate a large number of visitors arriving in private planes or air taxis. Aero California grew out of this demand. Hotel employees welcomed guests with guitars, songs, traditional dances, and roasted goat. Tourists often opted to stay longer, and when there were no rooms available, they slept in field beds under the open skies.

Herb Tansey died when his plane crashed in the Sierra del Triunfo. Then the retired colonel Eugene Walters, took over the hotel. He remodeled it, keeping the quality and service and the special atmosphere created with the successful methods of Tansey and his local workers.

Later, Robert Van Wormer, with his wife Rosa Maria Ruiz, opened Hotel Punta Colorada. In the same decade Palmas de Cortes and Punta Pescadero hotels were opened. The vacation home of general Agustin Olachea Aviles was turned into a hotel. There, Mr. Jesus Valdez opened the famous Spa Buena Vista, now Buena Vista Beach Resort. These names and those of "Tico" Ruiz, Juan Mitri, Jorge Escudero, among others were the pioneers of tourism in the area.

Today the main attractions are sport fishing, wind surfing, SCUBA diving and the multicolored waters of the bay, which reflect the incomparable sunrises and sunsets. The East Cape has eight hotels that offer 300 rooms and a great fleet for sport fishing. In Buena Vista and Los Barriles many families have built vacation homes. Services include restaurants, bars, supermarkets, dive shops and repair shops.

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