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Baja Cities and Sites
La Paz
Todos Santos
San Ignacio
Santa Rosalia
Ciudad Constitution
Cabo Del Este
Los Cabos

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Baja Travel Guidebook

by Donna McGee and Bonnie Wong


BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO - 1,000 miles of that special BAJA spirit. Whether you drive the entire Transpeninsular highway, fly into the tip or arrive by ferry from mainland Mexico, get ready for an adventure. This land of quiet, colorful deserts, endless beaches, unexplained rock formations, missions, gray whales, brilliant clear skies and a unique people invites you for the unforgettable!

The well-kept secret of Baja is told in the variety of things to do there. Fly in and concentrate your time in one area, diving or fishing in the summer, whale watching January to March. Kayak, surf, wind surf, cycle, golf, hike, fish, snorkel, sail or take in a special event: Carnival in late February or March, the Baja 1,000 in November, or any of the entertaining Mexican fiestas. Take a solitary drive through a rugged desert environment or cycle the 1,600 km and write home about it.

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