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"La Magia De Las Pinturas Rupestres"

(Text adapted from Coordinacion Estatal del Tunsmo, Goberno del Estado de Baja California Sur)

Ninety miles south of Guerrero Negro, on a fertile ravine is the site of the beautiful town of San Ignacio. You enter the town through a fantasy landscape as you drive the two kilometers from the Transpeninsular Highway into the town center. The palm-lined entryway provides a magnificent contrast with surrounding desert and sierras. An underground river bubbles up into the lagoon bordered with red grass and shaded by huge date palm trees. The road flows into the small plaza with its leafy indian-trees. The majestic church of Ignacio de Loyola invites you. From the square you can wander through narrow streets and admire the original houses.

San Ignacio was discovered on November 19, 1716 by the Jesuit father Francisco Maria Piccolo. Construction of the church of San Ignacio de Loyola was started in 1728 by the Jesuit Fernando Consag and completed by the Dominican Juan Crisostomo Gomes in 1786. The strength of the walls, built of four-foot thick volcanic rock, has kept the building standing almost unaltered throughout the years. Today it remains one of the more beautiful missions of Baja California Sur.

The church is graced with a magnificent facade decorated in carved stone. The great altar is of carved wood and gold coat. Seven oil paintings and a statue of San Ignacio de Loyola are present. These are true jewels of religious art of the XVIII century.

San Ignacio is an excellent area for the eco-tourist; the untouched beauty speaks for itself. In the winter the river runs from 12 - 18 miles and in summer it becomes a spring with many fresh water pools, home to Israel Carp, fresh water turtles, and bullfrogs.

San Ignacio is also the gateway to reach the cave paintings of the Sierra of San Francisco listed by UNESCO as the heritage of humanity. You can get the necessary information and permits at the INAH next to the mission.

Local guides provide tours to the lagoon for gray whale watching, sport fishing and SCUBA diving. Get information from your hotel desk.

Festival time in San Ignacio takes place the last week of July when the plaza fills with lights, music and fun. Enjoy the horse races, cockfights, dances and fireworks.

San Ignacio has hotels, restaurants, R.V. parks, a paved runway, a bus depot, tours and other services.

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